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The gold IRA is also known as an LLC gold IRA and is a type of individual retirement account (IRA).  The owners of this type of account have direct control over what assets the account invests in. This has an added advantage of reducing administrative fees associated with most IRAs.


   Note that we are not lawyers and do not provide legal, tax or investment advice.


        TRADITIONAL GOVERNMENT IRAs 2016 by Augusta Precious Metals

    Traditional IRAs come with an outlined choice of investments options that are governed by a custodian (a financial institution). On the other hand, self-directed IRAs allow for a diversity of assets ranging from:

  • real estate
  • private mortgages
  • private company stocks
  • precious metals meeting certain statutory requirements

 Gold IRA Structure 

A new business entity, typically a limited liability company (LLC), is created by the IRA account holder. The LLC is owned by the IRA, and the IRA account holder is the manager of the LLC, giving the IRA account holder      control over what the LLC invests in. In this manner, the IRA account holder has control over what the IRA invests in, and many of the custodial and management fees associated with traditional IRAs are reduced or    eliminated. All of the same rules regarding distributions that apply to traditional IRAs also apply to self-directed IRAs like the Home Delivery Gold IRA. You can find more information on our Home Delivery Gold IRA page.

GOLD IRA’s Reviewed

    Advantages of the Home Delivery Gold IRA

A self-directed IRA like the Home Delivery Gold IRA allows for more control and autonomy to the owners. Owners can make the decisions regarding their investments, allowing for allocation of investments across a diversity of asset classes.   For example, an owner may choose to venture into real estate as opposed to bonds and stocks. Owners are never pushed into making investments they do not desire.  Check out our why invest in gold page.


Disadvantages of Home Delivery Gold IRAs

The biggest disadvantage to a self-directed IRA like the Home Delivery Gold IRA is that they require some level of expertise. Since the owner is responsible for choosing the financial investments, this can be a limiting factor for those who are not aware of what to do or where to make their investments. Many are more comfortable using a professional to manage their investments and make these decisions. For more help in understanding the gold market and the coins and bullion available to you, call AUGUSTA PRECIOUS METALS  (855) 242-4121.   They are an established company and can answer these types of questions for you.  You can also find information on Self Directed IRAs on the wiki page.





Have a Question About the Augusta™ Gold IRA?

See answers to common questions below, or call Augusta Precious Metals at 855-242-4121

Q. What is an Augusta™ Gold IRA?

A: This IRA enables investment in IRS-approved physical gold, silver and other precious metals you can see, touch and hold in person. You store your metals in non-government, privately-owned, IRS-approved storage facility for safekeeping. Augusta Precious Metals walks you through the few easy steps. It’s simple–just sign a few forms and transfer funds from your existing retirement account.

Q. How can I see, touch and hold my IRA?

A: Your precious metals are delivered to a private storage facility you select. If the metals are segregated (set apart from all other metals in the storage facility), you can make an appointment to see and hold them in person. If your metals are not segregated, you still can make an appointment to see and hold metals in the forms purchased.

Q. Can I defer paying income taxes on my Augusta Gold IRA savings until retirement?

A: Yes. The gold IRA has the same tax-deferment benefits and penalties as more common retirement plans, including Traditional IRAs and 401(k)s.

Q. Is the private storage controlled by the government? Are my precious metals insured while in private storage?

A: The storage facilities have no government affiliation. Each location is non-government, privately-owned and IRS-approved. Your metals are insured during shipping and while in private storage.

Q. Can I roll over my current IRA or existing 401(k) retirement savings into an Augusta Gold IRA?

A: Yes, you can roll over funds from your Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, 401(k) and 403(b) to your Augusta Gold IRA.

Q. What kinds of precious metals can I invest in?

A: Generally, you may invest in coins minted by the U.S. government as legal tender, such as American Gold Eagles and American Silver Eagles (1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz and 1/10 oz). Certain coins minted by other nations as legal tender may also be IRS-approved.

Q. Will I be able to easily liquidate the precious metals in my Augusta Gold IRA?

A: Yes, you can get your precious metals when you want to in a full or partial distribution (IRS retirement distribution fees and penalties apply). Augusta has its own storage account. On your request, we can quickly withdraw the metals on your behalf. Or you can request shipment directly to you.


Disclaimer – Augusta Precious Metals


Self Storage Gold IRA (“SSGI”) does not provide legal, tax, or investment advice. Nothing of the foregoing, or of any other written, electronic or oral statements or communication by SSGI, its representatives, or attorneys is intended to be, or should be relied on as, legal, tax or investment advice, statements, opinions or predictions.

SSGI does not assume liability for investors’ gains or losses in any investment or market, or any other liabilities incurred by investors in connection with the use of our services. Investors in precious metals are ultimately responsible for their own purchasing decisions.

It is important that you seek the advice of your own legal and tax professional prior to making any investment in precious metals so that you fully understand the risks involved with such investments.

As with any investment, past performance might not predict future returns. The price of precious metals fluctuates over time and investors might lose money. All investors should seek out the best information and advice from their own professional advisers prior to making any precious metals investments in order to make the right decision for themselves. Lastly, market prices change more quickly than the website can be updated, and current prices could be higher than the website’s listed. Always call for exact, current prices. All product prices are locked in only at the time a transaction is finalized and confirmed.


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